Teachers have a vital job: to help mold future generations of society. With such an important task, it’s understandable that teachers must meet stringent certification or licensing requirements. One of the first steps to meeting these requirements is getting a teaching degree. Luckily, there are a variety of academic paths available to future teachers, including online degrees.

The 50 Best Online Education And Teaching Degrees In 2018

It’s nice to attend the best online school and get the highest quality and most prestigious teaching degree. But there are other factors prospective students must consider when choosing the best school for them. For instance, if finances are a concern, prospective teachers may look for the school with the lowest cost of attendance. For a student who wants the best access to professors, a school with a small faculty-to-student ratio may be a factor to focus on. Our ranking system looks at these and many other important factors students should consider when choosing a school. All schools that made it on our list are great for aspiring and current teachers as they are affordable, accredited and offer a variety of opportunities for specialization. However, keep in mind certain states may have specific guidelines for licensure or certification. Before enrolling in any online program, research your state’s teacher licensure requirements and contact prospective schools’ admissions offices to ensure the program you’re considering fulfills your state’s guidelines.

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