What is a Master's in Criminal Justice Degree?

Master's in Criminal Justice degree programs provide an extensive understanding of crime and the criminal justice system, its organizational components and processes as well as the legal and public policy contexts. The programs typically cover crime and criminal justice from an interdisciplinary perspective, providing insights from areas such as public administration, sociology, law as well as criminal justice. Also, students learn how to evaluate research-based information and how it applies to the real-world.

The MCJ degree programs cover the ethical, systemic, and reintegration aspects of the criminal justice system. They cover the theory and application of criminal justice. Students learn how to design research and perform quantitate and qualitative analysis.

Some of the subjects an online Criminal Justice Master's degree might cover include:

Juvenile justice
Criminal justice ethics
Research methods
Criminal justice statistics
Criminal justice administration
Analyzing criminal behavior
Theories of social control
Policy analysis
Law enforcement
Correctional systems
Judicial system
Applying principles of leadership in organizational environments
Students pursuing a Master's in Criminal Justice online may need to complete a thesis, a research project or an internship.

MCJ students can focus on specific aspects of criminal justice. Criminal justice master's programs online typically offer areas of concentration such as judicial management, federal law enforcement, security management, terrorism, behavior analysis, strategic management, homeland security, or forensics.

How long does it take to complete an online Master's in Criminal Justice degree?

Students can complete an online Criminal Justice Master's degree program in about two years.

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