The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid projects U.S. spending on healthcare will increase to $5.7 trillion by 2026. While that may be bad news for the overall health of the country, it’s good news for healthcare professionals. An online master’s in healthcare management and administration can prepare you for a leadership role in this exploding industry. Find out which colleges and universities offer the best online MHA programs and what careers this versatile degree can lead to.

The Best Online Master’s in Healthcare Management & Administration Programs of 2019-2020

1 Park University

Offered through Park University’s School of Business, the online Master in Healthcare Administration degree prepares students for leadership careers within the healthcare field. The program features concentration options in areas such as finance, business, human resources, accounting and management to equip students with the tools necessary for employment in their desired sector. Students complete a minimum of 36 credits, which includes a capstone project in marketing and management. While the majority of courses can be completed online, some are a combination of online and face-to-face and require attendance at the Kansas City, MO campus.

2 Saint Joseph's College of Maine

Accredited by the NAB, the online Master of Health Administration degree program operates on a 12-week course cycle, offering prospective students four program start dates per year. The program was formatted to be adjustable, fitting into the busy demands and lifestyles of working adult students. The online courses require independent study and also synchronicity and participation in live video classes. To complete the degree within two years, students are recommended to enroll every semester and take two classes each time. For students with undergraduate experience in health administration, the MHA fast-track program allows transferring credits be applied to the master program.

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