For individuals in the information technology sector, there are thousands of certifications available from a wide variety of providers. Many of these institutions are traditional schools with information technology certificate programs offered online, while others are online-only schools. A few of the standouts are listed here to give potential students an idea of what to expect when they begin researching program options.


Not all knowledge concerning information technology needs to be obtained from a formal program or for a fee. There are many free, open-course offerings from various schools and companies online that cover a wide variety of IT topics, including introductory courses and advanced professional development classes. Here’s a sampling of what’s available.

CourseOffered byLengthOutcome
SharePoint Basics for IT ProfessionalsEDXSix weeksVerified Certificate
Architecting Microsoft Azure SolutionsEDXFive weeksVerified Certificate
Implementing DHCP in Microsoft Windows ServerEDXSix weeksVerified Certificate
Client-Server CommunicationUDACITYFive weeksStudents will learn how clients work with servers to provide the user with requested information
Deploying a Hadoop ClusterUDACITYThree weeksHadoop clusters and their applications are explained. Students will also learn how to use their own Hadoop cluster to work with Big Data projects
Intro to DevOpsUDACITYThree weeksIntended for IT professionals, this course will teach how to implement scalable software for their business organization
Data Communication NetworksMIT OPEN COURSEWARESelf-paced; originally offered as a 13-week courseFundamental knowledge concerning the various types of computer networks and why they are built the way they are
Information Technology IMIT OPEN COURSEWARESelf-paced; originally offered as a 13-week courseThe basic technical concepts for information technology, as well as anticipated future trends in the field
Microsoft Access 2010ALISONFour to five hoursDiploma, certificate or PDF
Microsoft Digital Literacy – IT Basics, Internet & Productivity ProgramsALISON15-20 HoursDiploma, certificate or PDF

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