I’ve always been known to take the traditional route when it comes to taking classes. Going to class in person, sitting at a physical desk and talking to physical people. Yep. You know the drill. Sometimes going that route can cause you to burn out. Tired of getting up and going to the same old class everyday learning stuff you already know? Try taking a class online! Online classes have been a huge blessing for me this year because I’m able to work full-time and still be a full-time student without having to go to class every day. However, if you don’t keep up with your school work, you can see your grades go downhill quite fast. If you’re taking an online class or thinking about taking one, here are some tips for you!

Check Your Emails Weekly

First and foremost, ALWAYS stay ahead and check your email every day if you don’t already. Since you aren’t going to a scheduled class, the only time you can get information from your professor is through your email. You could miss important due dates, schedule changes, important class info, or even extra notes or tips. I advise checking your school email around three times a day if you’re in an online class. That may sound excessive, I know, but trust me, you don’t want to miss anything important.

Understand Your Schedule

Since all of your material is gone over online, get your schedule down and imprinted in your brain. Most online classes work on a consistent schedule, meaning assignments are given on Mondays, all work is due by Sunday at 11:59 or midnight. Not every class will have these kinds of schedules or due dates so it’s important you memorize the schedule and have it accessible to you at all times. Since the class is online, deadlines are a lot stricter than normal, meaning professors aren’t that lenient on late work.

Get Your Homework Done ASAP

For all the procrastinators out there, get your homework done as soon as you get it! Trust me, I hate doing homework as much as the next person, but doing so frees up all your time for the following week! Get your homework done on Monday, and you don’t have to worry about any more work until the next week! Instead of worrying about your creeping deadlines, focus on other things including taking up a new hobby or spending time with your friends.

Understand Tests And Assignments

Taking tests and submitting assignments online can be a little different with an online class. You may have to email your assignment or submit it through an online database. Whatever the case, read your syllabus thoroughly so you don’t have any surprises on any due dates or test days.

Clarify Any Confusing Details With Your Professor

Since you aren’t in an actual in-person class, communication about assignments can be pretty limited or non-existent. If you’re confused about something in the course it can be hard to get some answers! If you’re having trouble understanding what’s expected from your assignments, send some emails to your professor or see if you can arrange a time to meet up. Some students continue to lose points just because they don’t understand the expectations or just need some clarifications. An answer is only an email away!

Don’t Forget Those Discussion Boards!

I don’t think I’ve ever taken an online class where I didn’t have to write on a discussion board. Basically, it’s those big group chats where you have to interact with your other online classmates about the assignments. Although easy and maybe a little dumb, don’t forget to do them! They’re easy points you could be missing out on.

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