Scholarship and Financial Aid

Reality check!

College education is NOT CHEAP!
It’s very very expensive.

How expensive?

How about…

$3,440/year for Public 2 year college if you live within district.
$9,410/year for Public 4 year college if you are in-state student.
$23,890/year for Public 4 year college if you are out-of-state student.
$32,410/year for Private 4 year college.

Those are average figures.

For UNCC (University of North Carolina, Charlotte)…

It’s between $13,846 to $22,974 if you are North Carolina Residents.

If you are NOT NC Resident, it will run you $27,017 to $36,996

You have to pay that much every year.
You can see for yourself, if you like.

For Duke University?
About $70,092 if you add everything.

Harvard Cost about same as Duke.
Here are few more…

Princeton – $58,965
Yale – $63,970
MIT – $61,030
Stanford – $62,801
Cornell – $63,606

With that much money is involved, one should check out Scholarships/Financial Aids even if you make pretty decent income.

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