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How to study 2 languages at the same time
Make a schedule;
Try to study language X in the afternoon and language Y in the morning; don’t change their order, unless you are advanced enough so you won’t mix them
Have different notebooks for them and if you use colors in your notes, think like 1 color = 1 language
When you study, have a certain place for each language (e.g. kitchen = French, bedroom = German, living room = Chinese)
Don’t focus on the same thing for your languages in the same day, if you watch a movie for language X, don’t watch a movie for language Y after (unless you are upper intermediate), if you watch a movie in X, read something in Y
Try to spend the same amount of time on your languages, if you stay 2 hours studying X, you should spend the same amount on Y
If you can’t do so, choose your “priority” and study 80% and 20%.
Occasionally switch the language that’s your priority.
When you practice, at the beginning try to talk to different people, not a person who knows all your target languages
If you use sticky notes like me, i assume you have more than 1 colour so again, 1 color =  language
Avoid languages from the same family.
Use both languages when you want to translate something. If you learn French, then translate a French text to your 2nd language.
If you use flashcards a lot, mix them. You practice both languages at once and you learn to switch between them.
If you can’t learn 2 languages at the same time, accept that and learn them one by one.
Find resources that allow you to use both languages at the same time.
Use personas to avoid mixing up your languages.
Choose 2 languages with different levels. e.g. if you are intermediate in French, you can start Japanese
Avoid starting 2 new languages. If you are a bit advanced in one, it’s better.
Accept the fact that you would be biased and like one of your 2 languages more.
Experiment new study methods and see what works for you.

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