Online Colleges in Arizona

Arizona boasts several quality online programs that can meet your career needs. Online degree choices include accounting, engineering management, regulatory science, and hundreds more. The best online colleges in Arizona provide flexibility, allowing you to take courses from home. When combined with the growing number of programs, online education stands out as an attractive choice.

Higher Learning Initiatives in Arizona
Strategic Realignment 2010 Forward
The Arizona Board of Regents proposed an initiative called the Strategic Realignment 2010 Forward to help advance Arizona higher education. Regents hope to increase Arizona State University's online enrollment to 30,000, up from 3,000; increase Northern Arizona University's online enrollment to 15,000, up from 7,000; and expand the number of online degree options at every Arizona university, which will help enhance and increase each university's efficiency and effectiveness.

Tri-University Scholars Portal Project
The Arizona Board of Regents approved more than $1 million to fund an online library for Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and the University of Arizona. In doing this, the board helped create the country's largest electronic library. Online college students can now access an array of scholarly resources, online courses, and online programs. The board helped increase the number of online-accessible educational tools for college students.

Application for Technology-Based Learning and Support
Through the Application for Technology-Based Learning and Support, the board sought approval for $25 million to fund a stronger online delivery component of many of Arizona State University's educational tools and individual degrees. The university addressed student enrollment increase and faculty decline by implementing more advanced learning tools through online modules. The initiative helped improve the university's website, collaboration tools, student involvement tools, faculty services, course delivery tools, and online courses. Using schools such as Penn State University, Brigham Young University, and the University of New Mexico, the board demonstrated that a strong online platform remains key to advancing education.

Popular Degrees in Arizona
Aerospace and defense and registered nursing represent some of Arizona's most popular online programs for many reasons. Both employment sectors are among the state's top industries. Arizona contains more than 1,200 aerospace and defense companies, while healthcare stands as the state's No. 1 growth industry.

Aerospace Engineering: Arizona's aerospace and defense industry remains the country's fourth largest employer market. Aerospace engineers apply their knowledge for spacecraft design and work to improve guidance, control, and propulsion. Aerospace engineering degrees may include specialties in thermodynamics or aerodynamics.
Registered Nursing: Individuals who attain a bachelor of science in nursing can specialize in areas such as pediatrics or public health. Graduates often work as nurses or case managers. A BSN creates more career opportunities than an associate degree or diploma.

University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ

Arizona State University-Tempe
Tempe, AZ

Arizona Christian University
Phoenix, AZ

Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, AZ

Ottawa University-Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ

Prescott College
Prescott, AZ

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott
Prescott, AZ

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