School Morning Routine For High School Student

6:00 AM: First alarm goes off. Most days, I shut it off. (Exceptions being I still have some homework to finish, have to study a bit, want a nice breakfast, didn’t shower last night, etc.)

6:30 AM: Second alarm goes off. Get up and hop into some clothes. Stretch my arms, stretch my legs. Think about my plan for the schoolday. In other words, think about how best to make the day go quicker.

6:35 AM: Stumble into the bathroom, take a piss, brush my teeth, get some antiperspirant on because wow do I have armpit sweat, lotion my face, try to fix my bedhead (often in vain).

6:42 AM: Grab my car keys, cell phone, earbuds, and wallet from my room. Keys and wallet go in my left pocket, phone and earbuds in the right. No exceptions.

6:45 AM: Eat an abbreviated breakfast, such as dry cereal or a granola bar, while throwing together my lunch for the day. Honestly, this usually gets skipped. Oh well.

6:52 AM: Make sure I have everything correctly packed into my bag and that I’m not forgetting anything. This step also gets skipped too often and I bring the wrong stuff to school. Oops.

6:55 AM: Tie my shoes, head outside, start my car, begin heading to school.

7:05 AM: Arrive at school 35 minutes before first bell. I do this because our school has a parking lot problem. During the 20–25 minutes I sit in my climate-controlled car, I check up on social media, blast my music, study if needed, or just sit and relax.

7:30 AM: Exit my car, enter the building.

7:40 AM: Class bell. Welcome to another day of secondary education.

10:25 AM: Our school’s one-hour lunch period begins. I wolf down lunch, socialize with friends, drive around the city for no apparent reason, mope around, and other similar things.

11:25 AM: Welcome back to another day of secondary education.

2:10 PM: Run as fast as possible to my car and whip out of there, eager to leave behind my day of secondary education.

2:20 PM: Arrive home and immediately start on my homework. Can’t stress over homework if you get it done quickly, right?

4:00 PM: Go tutor kids on subject material I don’t fully understand. But please, parents, pay me to tutor your kid!

~6:00 PM: Eat a large dinner with the family. Relaxation time. Check up on my phone again, social media, news, music.

7:30 PM: Free time. Go out with friends, go for a run, (just kidding), get lost on my phone, or more time for homework or studying if needed.

10:00 PM: Get home. Take a shower, hop into bed. Continue chatting with friends on the phone, news, social media. Dread the wonderful day of secondary education that awaits tomorrow.

11:00 PM: Down for the count. See you tomorrow. Presumably at my institution of secondary education.

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