What Is Dark Fantsy Art - There are trendy dark fantasy art collection in my page for you

Dark fantasy art isnt new for this century. Dark fantasy art is a popular theme for both artists and connoisseurs where individuals can explore their deepest fears, and darkest desires. Popular themes are vampires, demons, gothic art, wiccan and pagan art, horror art and dark surreal themes. 

With modern computer graphics brought a new life to the fantasy art. Dragonheart, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, the Golden Compass, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars (unlike popular belief, Star Wars are technically fantasy, not science fiction) and many others have begun to be interested in the genre of fantasy.

 As a result, amateur fantasy artists nowadays display a dozen cents, many of them exhibiting their art on social media platform, like instagram and pinterest. There are trendy dark fantasy art collection in my blog.

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