Who doesn’t love a good date night in? We’re making planning fun at home date night ideas simple and easy with this list of great ideas for couples!

You'll love being able to check off how many you've seen & finding new movies you'll love to watch for the first time!

If one of your goals is to save more money this year, you’ll love these cheap date ideas that are also memorable and romantic!

There are several ways to plan a stay at home date night! I’ve been making this list for a few weeks now, and it started to get a little overwhelming to be 100% honest.

So we’re breaking down the date ideas into 3 categories: Romantic Date Night Ideas, Fun at Home Dates, and More Date Ideas.

All of these ideas are cheap and can help you save money while spending time together.

1. Enjoy a Dinner by Candlelight – Whether you cook something or grab your favorite take-out, you can make it special by lighting some candles. It’s just a fun way  to elevate a meal.

2. Make Dinner or Dessert Together – One of my favorite things to cook together is a pizza! You could make the dough and get a little crazy with the toppings!

We also love these easy red wine chocolate shakes recipe for 2! You only need 3 ingredients: red wine, chocolate ice cream, and chocolate syrup, and it’s so fun to make together.

3. Give each other massages. Grab your favorite scented lotion and Google to improve your massaging skills if you need to!

I have to admit, I love a fun at home date, and they can be romantic as well!

4. Watch the Big Game Together – I love watching a football game with Jake in the Fall. We can get pizza, nachos, chicken wings, and whatever snacks we want, and then enjoy the game together. You could also bet on the game and have a fun prize for the winner. (Nowadays, you can even find a classic game being replayed too!)

5. Do a Puzzle Together – While it might not sound as sexy as a massage, it’s the talking that is the best part of doing a puzzle together. You can also find some high-art puzzles like this one and frame it after! Puzzles aren’t just kittens and light houses anymore!

6. Paint or Color Together – Just like doing a puzzle together, coloring or painting can allow you time to open up and share what has been going on lately in your lives and relationships. We also love this #MarriedLife Snarky Coloring Book for Adults. It’s hilarious!

7. Do a Craft or DIY Project Together – I can’t say we’re a crafty couple, but I am always impressed by a couple that we’re friends with who are. They redid their guest bathroom together one weekend, and they also have built a few pieces of furniture together! The craftiest thing Jake and I have done is painting mugs, but whatever project you choose — you’ll not only get to spend time together, but you’ll also have a memento from the date after too!

8. Build a Fort in the Living Room – We love the idea of building a fort like you did as a kid. You can throw down pillows, blankets, and bring in treats to enjoy all night! You could also bring an iPad and watch YouTube videos or listen to music after you have it built!

9. Play Video Games Together – I absolutely am amazing at Mario Kart, and I don’t mind kicking some butt when we play. (It’s the only video game I’m good at). Pick out a classic game like Mario you both played as kids or pick something new neither of you have played to make it fun and a little less competitive.

10. Karaoke or Dance the Night Away – YouTube not only has songs with lyrics, but you can also find dance lessons on there! If you always love the atmosphere of a dance club or karaoke bar, bring that vibe home! Create a fun cocktail and turn on the music!

11. Have a Nerf or Marshmallow Fight

12. Have a Movie Marathon – This is our go-to for a great date night at home. We absolutely love movies, and we will pick a theme and food for the night. One of our favorite themes is to get pizza and watch The Godfather & The Godfather II movies.

We also do an epic Christmas Movie night with A Christmas Carol, National Lampoon’s Christmas, and Love Actually! We take an intermission to enjoy cream cheese squares and orange juice in the middle of the night!

13. Play a Board Game Together – Right now, we’re loving Monopoly and Scrabble!

We mentioned a game night is something we love to do, but we also have a few other game ideas you might like!

14. Play “Would You Rather?” – You can come up with your own questions, or you can buy a game with a ton of questions to pick from!

15. See How Well You Know Each Other with the Newlywed Game and have fun prizes for each other when you get the question right!

16. Break Out Twister! – We admit, Would You Rather or the Newlywed Game could go South with the wrong question – or answer – but one spin of Twister can lead to some fun.

17. If you have cards, you can always play strip poker

If you still haven’t found a good fit for this weekend, we have a few more cute at home date ideas for you!
These date night ideas weren’t necessarily romantic or nostalgic fun; they fell somewhere in between.

18.  Have a Backyard Picnic – Just like candlelight, throwing down a blanket and enjoying a meal outside can enhance a dinner – even if it’s takeout!

19. Watch a Movie Outside – This could be on an iPad, or if you know you’ll use it, you could even invest in an inflatable movie projector for epic movie nights outside!

20. Make Drinks and Sip Them on Your Patio – This sounds so simple, but when it gets warm, I love sitting out on the deck with a glass of wine and listening to a new album together.

21. Breakfast in Bed for Dinner – Mornings can be crazy — so why not make pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, or your favorite breakfast foods for dinner and curl up in bed!

22. Wine Tasting Flight Sampler – Did you know you can have a flight of wine mailed to you and have a tasting at home?  It’s so much fun and affordable too!

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